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Best student three times

BWF apprentice Michael Kaps showered with honours

from left: Michael Kaps, Stefan Offermann (Managing Partner), Thomas Chodora (Head of Human Resources)

Shortly before the summer holidays started, Michael Kaps, who had just finished his apprenticeship as a computer scientist, specialised in system integration, really started to sweat over how to handle all the important appointments he had to coordinate: he had to attend not only one, but three graduation ceremonies on each of which he was awarded "best student" of his class.

The intensive graduation marathon started on 18 February 2011 at the vocational school in Lauingen, where he received his diploma with excellent grades (1,0). The next event took part on 5 May 2011 in Neu-Ulm, where the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Swabia nominated him "best apprentice" of the area Günzburg and Neu-Ulm.
Apart from being a normal apprentice, Michael Kaps also passed his A-levels. Therefore he had to attend additional classes at the vocational school in Lauingen every Saturday and once a week in the evening. But the effort paid off: On 22 July 2011 he was nominated "best student" and received his university-entrance-diploma with perfect grades (1,75), which also made him "best student" of the mathematics and natural science department. This special kind of training was only possible thanks to the national project "BS Plus", which enables apprentices to do their A-levels at the same time while working and attending vocational school. At the moment, the project is still on trial, with only ten schools in Germany able to take part.

Very well done

"We are very proud and happy to compliment Mr Kaps on his excellent achievements", says Stefan Offermann. "He did not only finish his apprenticeship and pass his A-levels at the same time, but he also was very dedicated to his daily work-life within the BWF Group. He accompanied the relaunch of our website as technical project manager. Since we launched the website on 26 July 2011, the final phase of the project collided with the time when Mr Kaps had to prepare himself for the A-level exams. All this work meant a workload three times larger than usual, but Mr Kaps embraced his challenges in a brilliant way". But there is no time to relax for Mr Kaps, because in October he will start his course of studies at the Aalen University as a computer science student majoring in IT-Security. We are very happy to announce that Mr Kaps will nevertheless remain our colleague and a part of the BWF Group, working part-time, and we wish him all the best for his future career.