Standard Fibers for Technical Needle Felts

For the production of our technical needle felts needlona® and our endless needled special products we use the following fibers to achieve outstanding product properties:

Fiber Type BWF-Designation Characteristic Features
Melamine Resin Fiber BA good temperature resistance
Meta-Aramide NO / CO good temperature resistance
Metal Fibers B

outstanding temperature resistance, electrical/thermal conductivity

Para-Aramide KR / TW / DARA outstanding mechanical properties, extreme heat contact resistance
P-phenylene-2.6-Benzobisoxazol (PBO) PBO  outstanding mechanical properties, extreme heat contact resistance
Phenolic Resin Fiber KY  LOI 34, flame- and heat-resistant
Polyacrylnitrile DT / AC hydrolysis-, light- and weather-resistant
Polyamide PA abrasion and mechanical resistance
Polyamidimide KM good temperature resistance
Polybenzimidazole PBI  LOI 40, excellent heat resistance
Polyester  PE  high cost effectiveness
Polyethylene UHMW DY  excellent mechanical properties
Polyimide  PI  LOI 36, very good mechanical and thermal properties
Polyphenylene Sulfide  PPS  good chemical and thermal properties
Polypropylene PP good chemical resistance
Polytetraflourethylene  TF excellent chemical resistance
Pre-oxidized PAN  SFO  good temperature resistance, sound absorption
Viskose / Rayon ZW  high moisture absorption
Wool WO  natural fiber, absorbent


Synthetic needle felts made of other fibers on request. Please contact us.