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Technical Needle Felts - Yard goods

needle felt under production

Since the mid-1960s BWF Protec produces three dimensional, mechanically reinforced needle felts under the brand name needlona®.

We process a wide variety of  synthetic fibers, wool and viscose.

In addition to pure-grade blends, we can also produce our technical needle felts needlona® from blends of different fiber types as well as sandwich constructions, felts with supporting scrim and/or with different finishings or surface treatments.

Advantages of synthetic needle felts include temperature, chemical, abrasion, cutting and rotting resistance and the compliance to various fire classifications.

We find the right needle felt for your application.

Key data related to our production facilities:

weight: 50 - 10,000 g/m²
thickness range: 0.5 - 35 mm
density range: 0.08 - 0.40 g/m²
roll width:

up to 340 cm

roll length: up to 1,000 lin.m. (depending on areal weight)

In addition, we could offer ready-made parts produced out of our yard goods.