Endless Needled Belts

Endless Belts EXTRU-LINE®

endless felt belt EXTRU-LINE®
endless needled belt EXTRU-LINE®

As with our yard goods and felt tubes, our endless needle belts EXTRU-LINE® are produced of various synthetic fibers and fiber blends by means of German state-of-the-art technology. 

The belts are characterized by a soft surface, yet they are durable and abrasion resistant. They are also of high tensile strength and low elongation.

Specific surface characteristics are achieved by newest needling technologies.

Key data related to our production facilities:


5 - 25 mm; special versions up to 70 mm on request
width: up to 2,100 mm
length: 1,780 - 20,000 mm
temperature resistance: up to 550°C


belt coating

Additionally we off one-sided and both-sided coatings on our endless needled belts. On a specifically developed machine we achieve e.g.

  • back side coatings (stiffenings)
  • anti-slip coatings
  • nonstick coatings
  • color application
endless felt belts with metal clipper joint
endless belt with metal clipper joint

Besides our standard belts we offer further designs such as

  • endless
  • with clipper joint
  • with tracking guide
  • timing belts 


For further designs or dimensions outside the standard spezifications please ask you contact person. We will check feasiblity for you.