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Endless Needled Products

Felt Rollers - Tubes - Sealing Rings

endless needled rollers
endless needled rollers

In addition to needle felt yard goods needlona®we produce endless needled rollers, rings and tubes. As with the yard goods we process various fibers also as blends or sandwich-construction. Additionally, we can offer our needle felt rolls with a resin finish. Depending on the fiber material used, operating temperatures up to 700°C are possible.

Key data related to our production facilities:

inner diameter: 19 - 450 mm
wall thickness: 5 - 14 mm
density: 0.15 - 0.42 g/cm³
length: up to 2,000 mm


sealing rings
sealing rings

To complete the BWF Envirotec filter range we offer endless sealing rings made of needle felt. Due to the endless production these felt rings have no week points and are very even. Upon request we can provide sealing rings with a circumferential groove.