Innovation Means Progress

Research and Development in our R&D Center of Excellence


Research and Development are the basis for our special solutions. The BWF research team works both in basic research as well as in product development.

The R&D Center of Excellence is divided into three sections:

  • Research Center
  • Finishing and Chemical Sector
  • Process Engineering 

With state-of-the-art technical facilities at institute level, we are constantly developing new products for new and/or existing applications. Thus we are always up-to-date with science and technology and help to contribute to the success of our customers. 

Our R&D Services in Detail

Research Center:

  • testing of new fibers
  • production of prototypes and special items 
  • further development of production technology


Finishing and Chemicals:

  • development of recipes
  • testing and development of varying application techniques
  • thermal process management 

Chemical-physical Analysis:

  • FTIR-Spectroscopy
  • wet chemical methods
  • fumigation trials 

 Mechanical-technological Tests:

  • determination of physical product parameters
  • microscopical methods