Industrial Specials
& Components

Versatile products and components for the most diverse applications and industries.

For a wide range of application we produce a variety of solutions and components, e.g.

Office Machinery e.g. suction, oiling, cleaning felts and seals
Battery Industry e.g. synthetic felt for separators
Home Appliances e.g. seals in tumble dryers
Insulation / Sealing e.g. gaskets, electrical insulation, thermal insulation up to 500°C
Medical Applications / Orthopedics e.g. special felts for medical devices, orthopedics technology
Polishing and Grinding Industry e.g. electro polish or weld cleaning
Shoe Industry e.g. insoles, midsoles, padding, warm inliners/socks for rubber boots
Steel Industry e.g. brake and cleaning felts
Car Wash Industry e.g. special needle felts for washing and drying brushes
Laundry Industry e.g. roller covers and ironing pads















The fibers used for the specific applications are selected on basis of economic and technical aspects. Please find an overview of all fibers processed by us here.

We would be pleased to assist you with your individual demand. Please find your contact person here.

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