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BWF reflectWHITE results in an increased efficiency of your luminaire. The sheet can be used as reflector sheet, e.g. combined with BWF sideLIGHT, or as a thermoformed or punched reflector.


  • High reflexion
  • Excellent light diffusion
  • Natural light reflexion without blue shades
  • Perfectly malleable (thermal)
  • Easy to punch


  • As sheet from stock
    Max. dimension 1650x3050mm in PMMA impact resistant, wall thickness 1mm
  • As thermoformed or punched reflector
    produced by our subsidiary BWF Thermoforms

Please feel free to order DIN A4 samples free of charge.

More information is listed in the latest news sheet BWF reflectWHITE (PDF, 332 KB). More technical details are listed in our raw material information of BWF reflectWHITE PMMA impact resistant (PDF, 48 KB) or BWF reflectWHITE Polycarbonate (PDF, 115 KB).