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Kunststoffgranulat - PMMA klar und blau, Acryl-Satiné
To produce high quality products, one may only use quality proof material. This means in particular the quality of base materials used for extrusion and in the materials used in product processing.
BWF Profiles uses high quality branded products such as Plexiglas® or Makrolon®. 
In addition to the quality, price, delivery times and service play a decisive role in the selection of our suppliers. This is why purchasing has a very high position and is given a very high priority at BWF Profiles.

Your contact person at BWF Profiles

work Phone:
+49 8224 71-701
fax Fax:
+49 8224 71-91701


Hans-Georg Schneider

Head of Purchasing

BWF Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG


Bahnhofstraße 20

89362 Offingen