Quality Assurance

Quality - only the best is good enough!

Top quality standards have always been crucial for the philosophy of BWF Profiles.

In order to meet our high requirements, we focus on checking the quality of our products during every step of the production process. Therefore we are able to identify and correct any possible discrepancies at an early stage.
Quality assurance through accurate measurement of the profiles
These quality checks are performed in three shifts around the clock and computer-controlled measuring machines enable us  to digitally compare actual against required contour values.
The function of the profile, as well as its colour accuracy and the transmission are checked with the help of the customer installation gauge. To check stress properties stress tests are carried out at regular intervals.
In the course of the improvement process, we constantly question our procedures and review our work. Nevertheless, the core of our company and the most important aspect for high-quality products without any compromises are our employees: responsible, motivated and highly skilled.