CNC Processing at BWF Profiles

Four state of the art CNC machines assure a great diversity of processing possibilities at BWF Profiles. From cuttings to diverse drillings to complicated milling patterns - everything is possible.

The machines are able to work with up to five axes simultaneously.

One of the machines is equipped with two tables which can be joined together, resulting in a surface dimension
of 3100 x 1560 x 150 mm for processing. The machine also has 10 different tooling changers and can run at 24,000 r.p.m. In addition, the machine includes a grid table system with four vacuum blocks for nesting.

Another machine can be used for even bigger plastic parts with a maximum dimension of 4600 x 2000  x 250 mm. With 29 automatic tooling changers, the machine guarantees numerous different processing possibilities within one CNC run. The machine can work at up to 22,000 r.p.m.

plastic profiles with CNC second operation

Second operation for larger plastic parts can be realised using two additional CNC machines. Plastic parts with a maximum surface dimension of 6500 x 1900 x 350 mm. They are equipped with 56 tooling changers and five simultaneously working axes. They run up to 24,000 r.p.m. and have milling spindles, which reduce the time for changing the toolings.

Depending on the required processing runs and the cross-section of the part as well as the requested quantities, we decide whether we process your plastic profiles, tubes and sheets using CNC or by hand.

We are looking forward to answering your questions regarding our processing abilities. Please use our contact form or speak directly to your contact person. If you already have a specific request, please use our request form