Multiple extrusion

Plastic profiles in various colours and materials

Using the latest production lines, we are able to achieve an outstanding result in single, double or triple extrusion. In this way you receive a profile with up to three different colours in transparent and / or satinated materials.
Our special BWF Profiles process for the extrusion of plastic is the result of decades of experience. Numerous projects with, for example, profiles for the illumination of buildings, rooms or trains and with challenging designs for counters and shop fitting have been realised. Please find more examples in our applications.
The multiple extrusion process of BWF Profiles enables us to produce low-stress profiles which, in turn, has a positive effect on the durability of the profiles. Additionally, low-stress profiles make optimal further processing of the profiles possible. Apart from that, our extrusion process also guarantees excellent surface quality for multiple extrusion profiles.
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