Mock-ups made by BWF Profiles

Space for your ideas!

Our department at BWF Profiles for the production of mock-ups offers the possibility to get an idea of the future extrusion part. Decisions with regards to cross-sections or different materials can be made easier based on these mock-ups. In addition, factors like design or stability can be tested at the beginning of the project already.

For creating such a mock-up, BWF Profiles use existing sheets, profiles or tubes in different materials and process them in various ways. Within short lead times, we can send you your customised mock-up.

Possibilities in our mock-up centre:

  • Cutting: sawing and milling
  • Forming: vacuum membrane press, wire bending, oil bending
  • CNC processing: contours, slits or holes
  • Gluing: simulating coextruded profiles (showing two materials) and adding hooks or flexible components
  • Laser processing: engraving or cutting (feasible for PMMA only)
  • Finishing: brushing, matting and edge polishing

Do you have questions or need a customised prototype? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your personal contact or use our contact form.