In-house colour laboratory

Plastic profiles in all possible colours

Measurement of colour for plastic profiles

Transparent, translucent or opaque, based upon your own sample, the Röhm/Evonik, Pantone or RAL range - we provide you with products in any possible colour.

Being equipped with a high-quality colour measuring system, a spectrophotometer with special colour formulation software, our in-house Colour Laboratory makes an objective comparison of colours under different colorimetric aspects possible. Hence, guaranteeing an optimum purity of colou rfor the products.

Using the colour measuring system, we copy the colour you want in our in-house Colour Laboratory and produce custom colour stripes. We are using all common methods for colouring our products:
  • Liquid colours
  • Pulverized colours
  • Masterbatch
  • BWF Profiles colour compound
different colouring methods: pulverized colours and liquid colours
After producing the sample colour stripes, we send them to you so you can test and approve the result. During the extrusion process, we adapt the colour to your plastic profiles, tube or sheet, using the colour of the approved colour strip.

If you have any questions about our colour lab or the possibilities for coloured plastic profiles, please use our contact form or directly contact our sales department.
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