Profiles used for railway carriage lighting

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Lighting profiles in ICE Velaro

Lighting ICE Velaro

  • The seating is illuminated by a diffusion sheet of transparent Polycarbonate
  • The luggage rack is illuminated by an opaque cover
lighting profiles in Zurich trams

Lighting Zurich Tram

  • A profile made of BWF material PC 2000 DIN is used for the indirect illumination of the ceiling
  • The seating and the aisle are illuminated by a satinated cover made of a special BWF Satiné-Blend type used for railway carriages called " Satiné-Blend FR "
  • These materials meet the requirements of the fire safety standard DIN 5510
Plastic profiles in Ned Train

Lighting Ned Train

  • Satinated profile for the illumination of the seating and the aisles
  • High quality profile in grey for the cover of the reading light, which can be switched on by tapping the module
  • Both materials meet the requirements of the fire safety standard DIN 5510
Profiles in Oslo trains

Light Oslo Railway

  • Transparent prismatic profiles are directed towards the ceiling
  • The seat numbers are printed on the red cover profile
  • A white profile coloured using BWF colourLED ® is used for the cover of the reading lights
  • A grey profile is used as an additional cover for the reading lights in first class
  • The requirements of the European standard CEN 45545 are met by usage of the BWF material PC 2000 EN 794
Seat reservation profile in ICE

Profile used for the reserved seating system in ICE

  • The seating reservation in the ICE can be seen through the printed profile made of Polycarbonate
  • The backlighting is achieved through the innovative use of LEDs