Plastic profiles for office lighting

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ceiling lighting with satin lighting cover or prismatic lighting cover

Office lighting with prism or diffuser cover

  • Two designs:
    with satin lighting cover (profile made from Acryl-Satiné)
    with a clear cover and a slide-in prism sheet (Profile in PMMA and BWF diamondPRISM® sheet)
  • BWF Profiles can print the manufacturer's company name on the profile
  • For ceiling and wall assembly
  • Indirect lighting to the top is also possible
Pendant lamp with transparent plastic profiles

Fully transparent pendant lighting

  • Reduced material, invisible light cover
  • The light is only perceived as a light bulb
  • This is achieved through the intensive use of transparent materials
  • The large scale PMMA profiles seamlessly combine direct light with indirect lighting
  • Thus the ceiling is integrated in the lighting effect and ensures optimum light diffusion
Office luminaire with BWF diamondPRISM® sheet

Freestanding luminaire with (in)direct light distribution

  • freestanding luminaire for office lighting according to EN 12464-1
  • Excellent efficiency due to the perfect light directing properties of BWF diamondPRISM®
  • Direct and indirect illumination can be adjusted .
  • The product family also comprises recessed or suspended ceiling luminaires and wall-mounted luminaires


Coextruded profiles for an office luminaire

Satinated profile for exclusive lighting frames

  • Profile for exclusive lighting frames for premium ceiling and floor lamps
  • Gentle transition from lamp to ceiling due to the illumination
  • Satinated area in white, red, blue, green, yellow and orange
  • About 30.000m in different colours have been produced so far
Transparent PMMA profile for office lighting

Glare reduced lighting

  • A light diffusing special profile made of Acryl-Satiné combined with an inserted microprismatic optic and innovative chequered structure for glare reduced illumination from any angle
  • Sophisticated relationship between direct and indirect light with sufficient shadow detail and contrast
  • The glare reduction for standing screens meets the requirements of EN 12464
Plastic profile made of transparent PMMA

Reflector made of transparent PMMA

  • The special prismatic design with glossy surface ensures a total reflection in the PMMA profile
  • Because of the partial transparency, the reflector is illuminated
  • Glare reduction for workstations up to UGR 19
  • Due to the partially transparent mounting plate made of Acryl-Satiné in the middle indirect lighting is also possible
  • The reflector and lamp cover are made of highly transparent PMMA
light with Satiné-Blend thermoformed cover

Lighting made of thermoformed Satiné-Blend parts

  • Used for complete lighting ranges consisting of built-in, surface, pendant, wall and floor lamps
  • The thermoforming technology enables the creation of modern office lighting with organic design
  • Through the combined usage of thermoformed Satiné-Blend sheets and transparent fine-prismatic sheets, outstanding lighting techniques are possible
  • Colour combinations are created as per customer requirements
  • The thermoformed parts are produced by our subsidiary BWF Thermoforms
Ceiling lamp with Satiné-Blend plastic profiles

Built-in ceiling lighting

  • Co-extruded profiles for reflectors
  • The subtle glass-green colouring of the Satiné-Blend material creates a genuine glass impression
  • Through the application of a reflective PC layer of 0.4 mm, the requirements of the glow wire test 850°/5 sec are fulfilled