Plastic profiles used in lighting

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wall lighting system with plastic profile

Linear lighting system for various lighting applications

  • Flexible and unitized lighting system with LEDs
  • Two plastic profiles enable a unique light-directing concept:
    One profile pools the LED light
    One profile directs the LED light to the determined spot
  • Ceiling, wall and pendulum assemblies possible
pendant luminaire with BWF diamondPRISM®

Pendant luminaire with LED technology

  • Extremely plain and weightless design
  • Direct and indirect illumination can be adjusted separately
  • Excellent efficiency due to the perfect light directing properties of BWF diamondPRISM®
  • homogeneous glare reduction in all C-levels
Anwendungsbeispiel Beleuchtung mit satiniertem Kunststoffprofil

Special profile for two different pendant luminaires

  • The innovative material Acryl-Satiné, combined with a special aluminium profile, is perfect for a simple and reduced design
  • Perfect application for living and work spaces
Light-diffusing special profile designed for linear lighting system

Linear lighting system

  • Special profile for a range of lights consisting of light tape, light strips and a single lamp
  • The extruded profile made of Satiné-Blend provides the ability to vary the light horizontally as well as vertically
  • Ideal for constant lighting or to set accents
  • Realised in two different versions: Satiné-Blend natural and Polycarbonate clear with an embossed fine prismatic
Lighting for sports halls with light-deflecting profiles from BWF Profiles

Innovative indoor lighting

  • The newly established assembly hall for the VW Tiguan model in Wolfsburg is fitted with 1000 power modules; each of them with two light directing prismatic profiles from BWF Profiles
  • The high light levels encourage the concentration, well-being and health of the assembly workers
  • Further applications in schools, public buildings and supermarkets
Polycarbonate covers for sports hall lights

Lighting for sports halls

  • Made of unbreakable, transparent plastic Polycarbonate
  • Homogeneous horizontal light spread
  • Economical, using T5 fluorescent lamps from 35 to 80 W
  • High level of functionality due to its ball resistant form
Lights with profiles in varying materials

Lighting for residential and nursing homes

  • Room and general lighting
  • Realised in two different materials: PMMA clear and a special transparent Polycarbonate type which 960° meets the requirements of the glow wire test
  • Adjusting to the time of day with the respective colour and brightness, the lighting indicates calm or active phases during the day.
Ceiling lights with plastic profiles

Ceiling Lights

  • Universal surface and recess mounted lighting
  • Special feature: The plastic profile is produced as one open piece and closed during the manufacturing process
  • Realised in two materials:
    - natural Acryl-Satiné and
    - natural Satiné-Blend, due to the excellent fire safety
       properties of the material
Vandal-proof lighting with plastic profiles

Lighting with vandal protection

  • Vandal-proof lighting
  • Plastic profile in transparent Polycarbonate and natural Satiné-Blend
  • Hinged feature provides maintenance-friendly replacement of the lamp
  • Total diameter of the light: 130mm
Building illuminated with LEDs and plastic profiles
Building lighting
  • Building decoration with LED profiles in yellow Acryl-Satiné
Lighting tiles made of SATLITE sheets

Light tiles

  • directing light the right way: with the forward diffusing SATLITE sheet illuminated with coloured LEDs


Profile as a cover for vehicle lighting

Plastic cover for signal lights

  • Special profile made of Polycarbonate and high impact resistant acrylic glass for signal lights used in fire and rescue vehicles
  • Available in different colours according to the vehicle type