light-diffusing materials

For diffusing the light, BWF Profiles uses optimised and self-made material developments as well as special shades of colour:

   Acryl-Satiné  Satiné-Blend PMMA
BWF colourLED®
BWF colourLED®
Density g/cm³  1,16-1,18  1,2  1,18  1,2
UV resistance  very good  average  very good  average
Temperature resistance  good  very good  good  very good
Impact resistance  bad  very good  average to good  very good
Scratch resistance  very good  good  very good  good
Processing  good  very good  good  very good
Surface  matt textured  shiny structured  shiny smooth  shiny smooth
Light diffusion  very good  very good  excellent  excellent
Transmission  very good  good  very good  good


For more detailed information about the material properties please have a look at the raw material flyers:


Your personal contact can also give you more information about the raw materials at BWF Profiles.

We are looking forward to your inquiry if you already know which material you want to use for your project!