Second stadium project realised by BWF Profiles

Grande Stade Lille-Métropole - a stadium fitted for the 21st century

Montage der Rohre von BWF Profiles am Stadion Lille

The first multifunctional stadium in Lille, France, opened its gates to the public on 17 August 2012. By providing about 30.000 m of plastic profiles, BWF Profiles had a significant influence on the exterior design of the stadium.

The project began already in 2009 and before officially receiving the order in 2011, BWF Profiles had to realise extensive raw material tests in order to convince the responsible parties of their abilities. In addition to material and safety tests, they also tested the material regarding its lifetime and simulated wind tunnel conditions. In the end, technical competence as well as precise and dedicated work were the decisive factors for the outcome of the project.

The actual production started in February 2012: 30.000 m of plastic tube were produced in a special BWF Profiles material compound. The tube with an outer diameter of 212 mm has additional interior hooks which increase the stability and result in wind-resistance up to 200 km/h. Furthermore, the tube is fitted with a UV Plus layer in order to ensure perfect weather-resistance.

Requiring an excellent logistic performance, the tubes were shipped to Lille just-in-time for their installation: 23 truckloads full of tubes in 80 different lengths.

Plastic profiles made by BWF Profiles dominate the exterior design of the stadium, home to Lille's OSC. In addition to football games, the stadium will be the venue for other sports events and concerts hosting between 25.000 and 50.000 people.

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