Lights out, spot on: plastic tubes on stage!

In 2011, BWF Profiles entered the artistic circles when being assigned an important contract for a opera stage. Six tons of raw material, transformed into 4,900 satinated PC tubes with a diameter of 150 mm had been necessary in order to realise the contract.

In summer 2011, a well-known studio from Stuttgart visited BWF Profiles in Offingen and the guests were very impressed by our long tradition and the sustainable way the BWF Group work and our high quality standards.

Stage design for

Therefore, shortly after the visit in Offingen, Deutsche Oper in Düsseldorf assigned a contract for 5,000 m Satiné-Blend tubes in different lengths to BWF Profiles. We produced the tubes jointly with a renowned raw material manufacturer and in doing so, both companies contributed to the sponsoring of the play.

Thanks to working hand in hand, we were able to have the stage ready until the opening night of "Castor et Pollux" on 28 January 2012 despite the tight time frame for the project. All responsible parties were very satisfied with the result.

If you want to know more about this project, please feel free to speak to your personal BWF Profiles contact.