Zurich trams are illuminated with BWF Profiles

December 2010

BWF Profiles is proud of having received a substantial order for the Zurich Tram. 50 six compartment, double motor train sets (with an additional option for 100 more), designed for 1.694 passengers each, will be fitted with two different profiles from BWF:
Zurich Tram
A clear prismatic cover provides indirect lighting reflected towards the ceiling. Additionally, a satinated cover creates a warm and pleasant illumination of the aisles and seating. To prevent damage caused by vandalism, the profile has a concave shape. As a result, the homogenous modern design of the entire tram is being maintained. This special variation of the BWF Profiles, Satiné-Blend materials, ensures that light is reflected across the entire tram ceiling in the best possible way and at the same time provides the highest level of fire protection.
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