Finish options

On request our felts can be endowed with function-enhancing special finishes.

Water repellent
The use of water-repellent natural additives causes liquids to roll off.
Perspiration fast
The use of selected high-tech dyes renders our materials perspiration resistant. This property is verified in our quality control lab by testing with synthetic perspiration solutions according to DIN EN ISO 105-E04.
As our materials are often used in window-dressing, high fastness to light is a must. The test is carried out under permanent light exposure to DIN 105-B02.
Tarnish protection (AS III)
For use as lining for cutlery or coin trays, the felt can be optionally finished with tarnish protection which bonds the discolouring components in the air.
Flame retardant to DIN EN 13501-1
Within the range of interior design and public buildings a classification of DIN EN 13501-1 is often a basic requirement.
We offer the suitable finish. Following materials are available with classification B-s2,d0 and C-s2,d0:
B-s2,d0: C-s2,d0:
ROYAL LE 100 2 mm
PALERMO LE 100 3 mm
EXPO LE 100 4 mm
RAINBOW LE 100 5 mm
Low shrinkage
To avoid the shrinking that typically occurs when felt is treated with steam, on request our materials are treated with a low shrink finish according to DIN 53894 T.2.
To lengthen the lifespan of your wool felt, the material can be mothproofed on request.
For use as a pad, or whenever the material must be prevented from slipping, we can treat the felt with a non-slip finish.
Saliva resistant
Most of our high-grade felts are suitable for use with children's toys. Resistance to saliva is tested by our quality control lab to DIN 53160.
Further finish options:
  • antibacterial
  • stiffened