Applications of felt

As varied as our felts, as versatile the application areas


Our acoustic panels for walls and ceilings are not only a real eye-catcher, but also very helpful within the four walls.

colorPADs absorb sound very efficiently and are therefore rated in the sound absorption class A. They are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colours.

Coloured and decorative felts

Whether bright or restrained colours. Our coloured and decorative felts are available in every colour for every taste. The main application fields are:

  • lifestyle and home textiles
  • interior design
  • arts and crafts
  • shopfitting and trade fairs
  • decoration and presentation
  • toys and hobby supplies
  • embroidery

Technical felts

From very small to very large. The application areas of our technicals felts are diverse:

  • automotive and automotive accessories industries
  • electronics
  • business machines and office supplies production
  • orthopaedic and shoe industries
  • furniture and packaging industries
  • music industry
  • machine and tooling industry
  • electrical and optical industries
  • wood-processing industry

Undercollar materials

For men's wear, we offer a variety of undercollar felts.

Whether classic, coloured or printed, our felts adapt to every trend.