The nature-based raw material

The production process

Viscose fibre is produced in a wet spinning process. The basic production ingredient is pulp obtained from wood. When treated with caustic soda solution and carbon disulphide a viscous, spinnable mass is created.
Subsequently the spinning mass is pressed through nozzles. In order to remove the solvents, the tow is fed through a bath. After several ventilation and separation processes this tow is dried, stretched and crimped. This contributes to the stability and improved processing ability of each individual fibre. In a final step the strand is cut into short fibres.

The properties of viscose

  • decomposition temperature (175 - 190 °C)
  • easily inflammable
  • high moisture absorption (12 - 14 %)
  • low acid resistance
  • antistatic
  • low elasticity, but high tensile strength (16 - 30 cN/tex)
  • textured fibre surface
  • natural raw material