PM-Tec® filter media
for the filtration of fine dust

PM-Tec® - the fine dust filter medium with an eptfe membrane

The new PM-Tec® product line represents the highest demands on a filter medium for industrial filtration. BWF Envirotec combines in the new product line first-rate carrier media consisting of needlona® needle felt or fiberglass fabric with a high-efficiency ePTFE membrane and the decades of experience in filter medium production. The continuous in-house process chain, starting with the manufacture of needlona® filter media, including the laminating process, to finishing of complete filter bags guarantees the high quality standard of PM-Tec®.
The product line consists of a carrier medium on which an ePTFE membrane is laminated. The membrane produced from polytetrafluorethylene possesses characteristics which are optimally suited for use in industrial fine dust filtration. Minute pores owing to a microporous structure, a low surface tension which reduces the adhesion of fine dusts in addition to a temperature resistance of up to 288°C ensure optimum filtration properties.
The new PM-Tec® product line for fine dust filtration is available with two different carrier media.

needlona®-needle felt substrate

needlona®-needle felt as a substrate guarantees additional safety in applications with high stresses or long service lives. The most demanding emission requirements can be fulfilled by appropriate sewing and sealing technology for the filter media during the manufacturing process.

Fiberglass fabric substrate

When fiberglass fabric is used as the substrate, a specially adapted PTFE impregnation ensures an extended service life of the filter medium. This reduces additional mechanical stress that occurs during the cleaning process.

PM-Tec® finds applications in all industrial dedusting plants where very fine dust occurs in the production or manufacturing process. For instance, in the cement industry, waste utilization plants, power plants, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and also in the metal or plastics processing industry.
Advantages of PM-Tec® filter media at a glance:
  • separation of very fine dust particles already on the surface
  • no penetration of the dust into the substrate
  • excellent cleaning properties through a smooth, anti-adhesive surface
  • minimal emission level, zero emission is almost possible
  • constant differential pressure behavior
  • constant gas volumetric flow
  • long service lives and high productivity

Additional information about the technical data of the PM-Tec® filter medium with an ePTFE membrane can be found here.