LiquiTec-Filter cloths for Solid-/Liquid Separation

Reduction of turbidity, improved selectivity and higher throughput are the decisive arguments for a needlona®-needle felt in your process. The scanning electron microscopy images show the benefits of needlona®-needle felt in solid-/liquid separation at a glance:

LiquiTec - Filter cloth
  • Special surface finishes ensure the regenerative capability
  • Chemical protective finishes enable the application in harsh environments
  • Several layers of fine fibres ensure the deposition of very small particles
  • The large pores allow a high volume flow of liquid
  • Monofilament or multifilament supporting scrims are responsible for the mechanical stability

needlona®-needle felts for solid-/liquid filtration are suitable for use in

  • Press filters
  • Drum filters
  • Disc filters
  • Band filters

in the following industrial applications:

  • Minerals (kaolin, barite)
  • Chemical (catalysts, zeolites)
  • Food (edible oil)