PZ filter media for Workplace Dedusting

Employee health does not allow  any compromise on workplace dedusting. By use of needlona®-needle felts with test certificate (PZ), you also create a clean environment at the workplace.

Our  needle felts of the product line “PZ”  have been tested and certified by the BG Institute for Occupational Safety (IFA) according to the dust class DIN EN 60335-2-69 for use in this environment. They are therefore specified and used in the dust classes "L" and "M".

Areas of application: In dust-removing machines and devices, such as dust cleaners in the wood processing industry, industrial vacuum cleaners, reverse vacuum cleaners and wherever filtered air is circulated back to the working environment.

PZ-Test Certificates

PZ-Test Certificates

PZ-test certificates from the BG Institute for Operational Safety (IFA) are available for specific Polyester-needle felts.

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