Finishes for wet, oily and sticky dusts

Oil and water-repellent impregnation on needle felt

CS17® is an oil- and water repellent fibre impregnation made of  Fluorcarbon. It reduces the uptake of moisture by the filter media, thus reducing the danger of excessive dust deposits and caking.

    Benefits at a glance:
  • Oil and water repellent 
  • Improved cleaning 
  • Higher safety with discontinuous processes 

Areas of application:  e.g. in the lime, gypsum and cement production, food industry, thermal waste treatment etc.


Cross-sectional scanning microscope image: PTFE single-fibre impregnation on the needle felt

The CS30-PTFE-fibre impregnation is used for the filtration of fine,  agglomerating dusts as well as for challenging processes. Due to its PTFE-properties, CS30 is extremely durable and chemically resistant. CS31 is the combination of the CS30 with the CS17®-finish. It additionally provides oil and water repellency and protects the filter media from moisture and condensation.

    Benefits at a glance:
  • Chemical protection 
  • Higher separation efficiency 
  • Lowest emission values 

Areas of application:  e.g. in the cement, gypsum and lime industry, non-ferrous metal and steel production as well in the thermal waste Treatment.