Finish for Agglomerating Dusts

Agglomerating dusts can be found for example in combustion or drying processes.

Cross-sectional image: with CS18® plus treated needle felt

CS18® plus: A highly effective, concentrated layer of PTFE polymers on the needle felt surface results in the optimum cleaning behaviour. This anti-adhesive PTFE surface coating reduces the adhesion forces between the filter medium and the dust cake. It thus improves cleaning and results in a low Δp behaviour of the filtration system.

    Benefits at a glance:
  • Microporous and anti-adhesive
  • Results in a low Δp behaviour
  • Prolongs the service life of the filter medium

Areas of application: e.g. in the chemical industry, in the cement, lime and gypsum industry, in waste incineration plants and in biomass-fired cogeneration plants.

Cross-sectional image: with Glaze treated needle felt

An additional calendered and / or smooth surface of needlona®-needle felts offers especially for agglomerating dusts an excellent filtration of the dust. In conjunction with the simultaneous increase of the active filter area Glaze enables lower pressure loss and a higher separation efficiency.

    Benefits at a glance:
  • Increased active filter surface 
  • Better cleaning performance 
  • Lower pressure loss 

Areas of application: e.g. in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry; suitable for use in Clean-in-Place plants