Finishes for Acidic and Alkaline Dusts

For protection against acidic and alkaline dusts, needlona®-needle felts can be refined with a surface protective finish from our CS product line

Oil and water-repellent impregnation on needle felt, addidional anti-acid protection.

CS29® is a finish, which the filter media optimally protects from attacks by acids, alkalis and hydrolysis. Besides this CS29® provides excellent oil and water repellent properties. These improve the filtration performance, especially for dust collector temperatures, which are near the dew point. 

    Benefits at a glance:
  • Oil and water repellent 
  • Excellent protection from acids, alkalis and hydrolysis 
  • Higher separation efficiency

Areas of application:  e.g. in the gypsum, calcination and cement production


Remaining tear strength: with CS52 treated m-Aramide needle felt

CS52 is an acid, alkaline and hydrolysis protective finish for m-Aramide filter media with dust, oil and water repellent effect. An additional antiadhesive finish on PTFE-basis provides an improved cleaning performance. 

    Benefits at a glance: 
  • Excellent protection against acids and alkalis
  • Improved protection against hydrolysis compared to a
    non-treated m-Aramide needle felt
  • Higher separation efficiency