Si/Code9/x-surf: Finishes for Abrasive Dusts

Abrasive dusts can mechanically damage the needle felt and thus reduce operational life.

Silicone resin fibre impregnations provide the needlona®-needle felt anti-adhesive properties. These contribute to a several-fold reduction in fibre abrasion of the needle felt in case of abrasive dusts, thereby facilitating the removal of the dust cake. Basically, all needlona®-needle felts can be refined with an anti-adhesive finish. As the PTFE-fibre has anti-adhesive properties, a silicone resin fibre impregnation is not necessary in this case. Depending on the dust type and properties, we recommend a Code9, Si or also x-surf monofibre impregnation.

Areas of application: e.g. in the cement, gypsum and lime industry