needlona®-Finishes for Optimal Filtration

All needlona®-needle felts can be refined with a surface treatment or protective finish. These contribute to significant improvement of operational life, cleaning performance, dust cake formation and mechanical and chemical resistance of the needle felt.

The benefits of our surface treatments and protective finishes at a glance:

  • Optimal surface filtration
  • Lower energy costs by efficient cleaning of the needle felt 
  • Improved protection against mechanical and chemical influences
  • Greater efficiency due to longer operational life

The fields of application of our surface treatments and protective finishes are as versatile as the given dust properties. 


Typical dust properties with the appropriate surface               finishes                Code 1 Code 4 Glaze     CS18®plus        Si  Code 9 x-surf CS17® CS29®  CS52 CS30  CS31 BlockGuard® FireGuard®
free flowing   •            
agglomerating     •          
abrasive   •     •        
humid         •   •    
sticky     •     •   •   •  
occasinal spark flow                 •
acid/alkaline           •