Accessory Parts
for Filter Bag

Our product range includes a comprehensive assortment of accessory parts, which are exclusively purchased from selected suppliers, who meet our high quality standards.

Supporting cages

For a properly functioning dust collector, it is important that the filter bag and supporting cage are fit correctly to each other. BWF Envirotec, therefore, offers you for all filter media the suitable supporting cages. 

Our delivery programme comprises supporting cages for all standard dust collectors.  

BWF Envirotec cages are available in the following forms and materials:

Basic forms:
- Round or star-shaped for filter bags
- Flat for filter bags or filter pockets
- Oval for oval-shaped filter bags
- Square for filter pockets

- Steel
- Stainless steel

Anti-corrosion coating:
- Powder coating
- Zinc coating / galvanising
- Surface treatment (pickle and passivate)

Leakage powder - the easy and safe way to detect leaks e.g. cracks or holes

The usage of leakage powder enables the detection of leaks in filter bags, filtration and extraction systems easily and effectively. The fluorescent leakage powder is injected into the raw gas stream of the dust collector. A UV-lamp is then used to inspect and find the weak spots. BWF Envirotec supplies leakage powder in many colours so that leaks still existing can be easily detected by subsequent tests.

Request here the product information Leakage powder. 

Yarn, gaskets and double braided tapes

Yarn, gaskets and double braided tapes
 have to be precisely matched when further processed. For your ease and comfort, BWF Envirotec offers you as bag maker a wide and comprehensive range of accessories from stock.