Outstanding: Pyrotex® KE KAT XL filter media receive the KUMAS Award

The distinction “Official flagship project of the KUMAS ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK” has been awarded annually since 1998. The award serves as a major guideline in the market of environmental innovations. The award winners make a contribution to sustainable development and resource conservation as well as improvement of the environment and quality of life. In December 2017, KUMAS honoured outstanding achievements in environmental competence for the 19th time. As one of three prizewinners, Pyrotex® KE was also commended with the coveted award.

The BWF Envirotec team was presented the award at a ceremony in Augsburg.

Energy efficiency in the spotlight of the KUMAS flagship projects in 2017

Contributions to energy efficiency occupied a forefront position in the selection process. BWF Envirotec was able to convince the independent panel with the project “Pyrotex® KE KAT XL - the filter medium that utilises waste heat from cement plants”.

BWF Envirotec's innovative exhaust gas purification concept with mineral fibre-based filter elements makes an important contribution to energy-efficient cleaning in the filter house of cement plants for example.

Hot exhaust gas flows laden with dust arise during cement manufacture. Conventionally, these exhaust gas flows are dedusted during an initial stage before being denoxed in a separate catalyst unit. With Pyrotex® KE filter elements, dedusting and denoxing can be performed in a single process stage. This innovative, single-stage exhaust gas purification process is made possible by an integrated KAT catalyst. BWF Envirotec works with different catalysts in this case, which are tailored to the respective application. With a length of 6 m and more, further advantages arise for cement plant operators through the filtration solutions with Pyrotex® KE KAT XL:

- The overall length of 6 m allows cleaning of large gas volumes with a small space requirement for the filtration system
- The high exhaust gas temperature allows economical use of the exhaust gases
- The filter element with an integrated catalyst enables simultaneous dust separation and nitric oxide reduction
- The dust-free process gas reduces the maintenance costs of the downstream aggregates

The concept is not limited to cement works. It can also be used in manufacturing processes such as glass production, waste recycling or the chemical industry, to name just a few examples.


About BWF Envirotec:
BWF Envirotec Group as the largest corporate division of BWF Group in Offingen (260 million € turnover, 1700 employees) is a global player and operates production sites in Germany, China, the USA, Russia, Italy, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, India and Austria. Customer proximity is also guaranteed by 50 international partners. BWF Envirotec covers the entire product portfolio of industrial filtration worldwide as market leader, ranging from synthetic needle felt material from the roll, including filter bags and filter elements to comprehensive services and an R&D competence centre.

Pyrotex® KE - the filter medium that utilises waste heat from cement plants
Prize award ceremony: Prof. Wolfgang Rommel (bifa), Norbert Schürmann (KUMAS), Dr. Hans-Jörg Imminger, Ruby Hammerschmidt and Michael Rau (BWF Envirotec), Thomas Nieborowsky (KUMAS)