R & D
Product Development & Prototypes

Welcome to our Technical Centre

Our claim to offer needlona®-filter media with the highest quality, reliability and performance can only be achieved with continuous product development. Therefore in our R & D Competence Centre there is a technical centre for product development and prototype manufacturing. For development work, separate purpose-built machines are available to our R&D team, which cover the complete vertical range of manufacture for filter media production. Starting with carding machines and needle looms through to facilities for the production of surface finishes.

An overview of the services of our R&D Centre: 

  • Development of prototypes
    Experiments and tests with our own machinery under production-like conditions
  • Testing of new fibres
  • Customer specific manufacturing of special products and small series,
    e.g. stainless-steel felt
  • Customer specific product modifications
  • Optimisation of manufacturing technologies:
  • Including testing of new application techniques, thermal processes and optimisation
    of  needle techniques