Overview on our Range of Laboratory Services

Chemical-Physical Analysis

  • FTIR-spectroscopy
    > Analysis of the fibre type and determination of possible damages 
  • Wet chemical methods 
    > Analysis of chemical finishes 
    > Determination of the oil and water repellency (according to AATCC 118-1972 / 3M-Test)
    > Determination of the ph-value (with reference to DIN EN 1413)
    > Determination of the viscosity (with reference to DIN 51562-1)
  • Gassing trials
  • Process simulation

Mechanical-Technological Tests

  • Analysis of customer samples 
  • Determination of physical product parameters 
    > Analysis of the fibre fineness (with reference to DIN EN ISO 1973)
    > Analysis of the supporting scrim (area weight, type of weave, count of threads, thread design)
    > Determination of the air permeability (with reference to EN ISO 9237 / DIN 53887)
    > Determination of the area weight (with reference to ISO 9073-1)
    > Determination of the thickness (company standard_thickness)
    > Determination of the density (company standard_density)
    > Determination of the particle size distribution
    > Measurement of the tensile strength (with reference to ISO 9073-3)
    > Tearing tests (with reference to DIN 53859-2)
    > Determination of the electrostatic behaviour (with reference to DIN 54345-1 / DIN 54345-5)
    > Determination of the thermal behaviour (shrinkage)
    > Analysis of the surface finish
    > Digital photographs

Microscopic methods

  • Reflected light microscopy / transmitted light microscopy
  • Scanning electron microscopy