R & D
Chemical and Mechanical Tests

The quality of each product is accurately tested in the laboratory

Our highly qualified R & D team works outside the bounds of the usual routine analysis when analysing fibres, fabrics or ready-to-install filter media. BWF Envirotec is well equipped to tackle all tasks and meet all challenges with its highly specialised analytical equipment.

Our two specialised laboratories in our analysis department work on projects from concept through to the finished product. In addition to new products, the two laboratories also investigate used filter media.

Among other things, our chemistry laboratory is equipped with:

  • Extraction systems for the testing of fibres and fibre impurities
  • Gas boxes for testing of chemical and thermal capacity of filter media
  • Autoclave for hydrolysis tests

The mechanical-technological laboratory has:

  • Test equipment for determining physical characteristics:
    e.g. abrasion resistance, air permeability, fibre strength or
    pore sizes
  • a particle size analyser to determine the particle size distribution
  • a scanning electron microscope (SEM ) with a 50.000 times magnification
  • as well as a FTIR-Spectrometer to detect changes in the chemical structure

We gladly analyse your dust and your current filter media. You can find an excerpt from our range of services here. Based on the results we make a recommendation as to the optimal filter media for your dust collector. Use the contact form to contact our specialists.