R & D
Testing of Filter Media and Dusts


Testing of filter media with reference to VDI 3926: Our R & D Centre of Competence is equipped with a test rig which simulates real filtration processes. This allows our specialists to test the filtration and dedusting behaviour of filter media. Properties of the filter media such as emission behaviour, differential pressure or dust deposits are tested. Even particle sizes in the clean gas area can be determined accurately.

Testing of filter bags: Our R & D team has a bag filter test facility for the testing of filter bags. In near to real production conditions, both endurance tests and individual tests are performed. The interaction of filter media with the supporting cage, seam and clamp are checked and evaluated.

Measurement of fine dust: With the laser diffraction technique, the smallest dust particles, regardless whether they are 0.1 μ or 500 μ in size, are classified and their distribution measured on the filter media. No speck of dust is so small that it can hide from our specialists. Using this and further methods, we define exactly which filter media is the best for your application.

We will gladly analyse your current filter media and your dust. Based on these results, we then determine the optimal filter media for you. Use the contact form to get in touch with our specialists. 

Filter test with reference to VDI 3926