Filter Bags
in the Non-Ferrous Metal and Steel Production

In the non-ferrous metal and steel production, the reliable reduction of emissions in a variety of manufacturing processes has become an indispensable process. High air-to-cloths ratios and different harmful gas compositions (e.g. scrap recycling) can damage the filter media and affect the separation efficiency. needlona®-filter media have excellent filtration properties and have been successfully used for many years for the dust removal in metallurgical production plants.

Typical Operating Conditions:

Cont. Temperature (°C):

Peak Temperature  (°C): Orientation to the maximum peak temperatures of the fibre polymers used
Dust: Coke and coal dust, metal oxides, reaction products, sinter dust
Dust Properties:  Abrasive, agglomerating, electrostatically charged, fine, pyrophoric
Dust Source: Converters, cupolas, cyclone, drying, dry sorbent, electric arc furnace, foundry, mill, silo, sinter strand, transport station
Harmful Gases: H2O, HCl, NOx, SOx,
Cleaning Process:      Pulse jet, reverse air, shaker filter
Fuels: Coal, coke, petcoke, lignite, natural gas

Specific Requirements for Filter Media in the Non-Ferrous Metal and Steel Production:

  • High abrasion resistance 
  • Resistance to occasional sparks and pyrophoric dusts 
  • Resistance to hydrolysis after quenching 
  • Separation of fine dust 

Scrim and Fibre Types for Filter Media in the Non-Ferrous Metal and Steel Production:

needlona® filter media made of Polyacrylonitrile homopolymer (DT)- and Polyester (PE)-, Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS)-, m-Aramide(NO)- and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibres have proven to be particularly suitable for dust separation in metallurgical production plants. In some instances, needlona®-filter media made of Polyimide (PI) and Premium Fibre Blend (PFB) are used.

In the area of steel production, such as in the dedusting of furnaces or the suctioning of arc furnaces, sparks can enter the dust collector. Depending on the dust collector design, filter media are treated with an additional spark-repellent finish. Wherever there are abrasive dusts, such as steel dust or aluminum oxide, an additional Silicone-finish applied to the single fibres can reduce the mechanical stress on the filter media and thus significantly prolong the operational life.

All filter media types for the non-ferrous metal and steel production are also available as MPS® filter media.

PM-Tec® filter media made of needlona® needle felt or fiberglass fabric are particularly suitable for fine dust filtration. Owing to a laminated ePTFE membrane, very fine dust particles are already separated on the surface. PM-Tec® filter media thereby allow compliance with minimal dust emission limit values.