Filter Bags
in the Food Industry

Filtration processes in the food industry are characterised by strict hygiene rules and strict requirements regarding static electricity. In order to ensure the highest possible purity of the product during the production and processing of food, hygiene and food-grade quality of all the components involved in the dedusting process, play a decisive role. needlona®-filter media used in the food industry are food safe, work under very wet conditions and ensure safe conductivity and discharge of electrostatic charges.

Typical Operating Conditions:

Cont. Temperature (°C): 20-150°C
Peak Temperature  (°C): Orientation to the maximum peak temperature of the fibre polymers used
Dust: Coffee, cocoa, flour dust, powdered milk, sugar, yest powder
Dust Properties: Abrasive, agglomerating, explosive, fine, sticky
Dust Source: Dryer, mill, packing station, silo, spray reactor
Harmful Gases:  ------
Cleaning Process: Clean-in-place, Jet pulse
Fuels:  ------

Specific Requirements for Filter Media in the Food Industry:

  • Dissipation of electrostatic charges 
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for clean-in-place systems 
  • Food safe 
    with declaration of conformity according to Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 Annex IV in conjunction with article 15 

Scrim and Fibre Typs for Filter Media in the Food Industry:

FoodTec® filter media made of Polypropylene (PP)- or Polyester (PE)-fibres from the low temperature range are mainly used in the food industry. The certified filter media are food safe with declaration of conformity according to Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 Annex IV, in conjunction with Article 15.

All FoodTec® types are also available as PM-Tec® filter media made of needlona® needle felt for fine dust filtration. A laminated ePTFE membrane imparts an extremely smooth surface to the filter medium and ensures that the food is protected to the greatest extent against fiber abrasion and discharging the filter cake is facilitated.


In case of electrostatic charges, we recommend an additional ExCharge® design. The conductivity of the ExCharge® filter media is ensured by high quality stainless steel fibres. An additional Glaze-surface-finish gives the filter media an extremely smooth surface and ensures to a great extent protection against fibre wear through abrasion. Besides this the glaze-finish facilitates the removal of the dust cake from the filter media.