Filter Bags
in Coal-Fired Power Stations

Coal-fired power stations generate a significant amount of fly ash, which must be safely removed from the flue gas by dust collectors. Therefore,  the central task of filter media in coal-fired power stations is an efficient dust removal and the neutralisation of harmful gases. BWF Envirotec offers you filter media solutions which are designed for these tasks and matched to the individual applications.

Typical Operating Conditions:

Cont. Temperature (°C): 70-220°C
Peak Temperature  (°C): Orientation to the maximum peak temperature of the fibre polymers used
Dust: Fly ash, sorption products
Dust Properties: Fine, powdery, sometimes abrasive
Dust Source:

Dry sorption, fluidised bed firing, pulverised coal firing,  scrubber, spray reactor

Harmful Gases: H2O, NOx, SOx
Cleaning Process: Pulse jet
Fuels: Lignite, coal

Specific Requirements for Filter Media in Coal-Fired Power Stations:

  • High abrasion resistance 
  • High separation performance 

Scrim and Fibre Types for Filter Media in Coal-Fired Power Stations:

Tailor-made needlona®-filter media made of Polyacrylonitrile homopolymer (DT)-, Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)-, Polyimide (PI)-, Premium Fibre Blend (PFB)- and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-fibres meet the challenges in coal-fired power stations to the highest degree.

For filtration of the various fly ashes all types are also available as MPS®-filter media. The much larger filter area of the MPS®-filter media ensures that the dust is separated in a highly effective manner.

Thus, under optimal operational conditions, the dust collector achieves emissions which are often far below the legally permissible limits.

For certain operating conditions, BWF Envirotec offers a special toplayer construction. In this case, the filter media is complemented with an additional fibre layer of filter active fibres. The separation properties of the filter media can be further increased with an additional CS30® or CS31® finish.

PM-Tec® filter media made of needlona® needle felt or fiberglass fabric are particularly suitable for fine dust filtration. Owing to a laminated ePTFE membrane, very fine dust particles are already separated on the surface. PM-Tec® filter media thereby allow compliance with minimal dust emission limit values.