Filter Bags
in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, there are dusts which, due to their high value, are recycled into the production process. On recycling, it must be simultaneously ensured that the products are free of foreign substances and that the strict legal requirements in terms of product purity are maintained. All this demands filter media tailored perfectly to the individual requirements of the dust collector to meet the highest standards in filtration efficiency and product purity.

Typical Operating Conditions:

Temperature: Cont. (°C) 20°C-250°C
  Peak (°C) Orientation to the maximum peak temperature of the fibre polymers used
Dust:   Cosmetics, fertiliser, detergents, pharmaceuticals, pigments
Dust Properties:   Abrasive, chemically aggressive, explosive, fine, coarse, sticky
Dust Source:   Dryer, mills, mixers
Harmful Gases:   H2O, NOx, volatile chemical substances
Cleaning Process:   Pulse jet
Fuels:   Natural gas, oil

Specific Requirements for Filter Media in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Discharge of electrostatic charges 
  • High abrasion resistance 
  • High separation efficiency 
  • Good chemical resistance 

Scrim and Fibre Types for Filter Media in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry:

Due to different operating conditions and compositions of the gas streams, almost the complete spectrum of filter media from the low and high temperature range is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. needlona®-filter media stand out for their excellent separation of the often valuable dusts and hence make a positive contribution in increasing the productivity of your production processes.

In order to avoid product contamination due to fiber abrasion of the filter bags, we recommend PM-Tec® filter media made of needlona® needle felt or fiberglass fabric. A laminated ePTFE membrane forms a smooth, almost closed surface, which protects against fiber abrasion and reduces product contamination to a minimum when changing products.

In environments in which explosive dust is present, we recommend the use of  ExCharge® filter media. They dissipate electrostatic charges safely and achieve resistance values of well below than 106ohms. ExCharge® is certified by DEKRA-EXAM GmbH.