Filter Bags
in Asphalt Mixing Plants

Filter media in asphalt mixing plants are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and aggressive corrosive gases. Temperature fluctuations and frequent start- ups and shut-downs with different fuels as well as the resulting potential of sparks put additional strain on the filter media. Dependent upon the operating conditions and dust composition, BWF Envirotec offers technically and economically the optimal filter media solution for dedusting your asphalt mixing plant.

Typical Operating Conditions:

Cont. Temperature (°C): 100-200°C
Peak Temperature  (°C): Orientation to the maximum peak temperature of the fibre polymers used
Dust: Asphalt, minerals
Dust Properties: Abrasive
Dust Source: Dryer, mixer, rotary kiln
Harmful Gases: NOx, SOx
Cleaning Process: Pulse jet, reverse air
Fuels: Bio gas, fuel oil, heavy oil, liquid gas, natural gas, pulverised lignite

Specific Requirements for Filter Media in Asphalt Mixing Plants:

  •  Robust filter media
  •  Continuous temperature resistance up to 200°C
  •  Resistant to occasional sparking 

Scrim and Fibre Types for Filter Media in Asphalt Mixing Plants

AsphalTec®-filter media made of 100% Polyacrylonitrile (DT) and m-Aramide (NO) fibres as well as a blend of                                m-Aramide/Polyester fibres fulfill the requirements of asphalt mixing plants to the highest degree. They are mechanically extremely stable due to the supporting scrim used, the homogeneous fibre layer and the heat setting. This makes them very durable and resistant to harmful effects, even over several operational cycles.