BWF Envirotec is opening a new production site in russia

The production building with its state-of-the-art equipment also includes in addition to several production lines for manufacturing filter bags an adjacent sales and administration office.
The new BWF Envirotec production building in Gatchina, Russia.
BWF Envirotec has completed a further important phase in expanding its activities on the international industrial filtration market. The company has now opened its new production plant in Gatchina near St. Petersburg, in Russia.
With the new location in Russia, BWF Envirotec has another production site available in addition to the production plants in Germany, China, the USA, Italy, Turkey and India which markedly reinforces its international market position. At the same time, commissioning of the new plant is a clear commitment to the growth market of industrial filtration in Russia. The sales, administration and production departments of BWF Envirotec have now moved into the industrial park ideally located from the point of view of logistics in Gatchina, 40 km to the south of St. Petersburg.
Greater environment-consciousness in the CIS states
The demand for filter bags for industrial filtration in the CIS states has been constantly increasing during the past years. The reason for this lies in greater investments in primary industry and stricter environmental constraints, but also increasing environment-consciousness. Hence, the requirements for filter media for industrial filtration are also growing. In the widest array of industrial manufacturing processes and processing stages, contaminated air needs to be freed of harmful substances and suspended matter before it is discharged again from the fume collector. BWF Envirotec precisely covers this requirement with more than 900 different filter media. For every type of dust, BWF Envirotec supplies efficient filter media which ensure pure air.
Focus on complete service
A state-of-the-art site and many tasks: in Gatchina, BWF Envirotec Russia produces complete filter bags for plant builders and operators of filtration systems. The target markets include above all the aluminum and steel industry and waste incineration plants, but also cement works or the asphalt industry. In addition to made-up filter media, all-round service for the local customers occupies a forefront position. Supporting cages and service benefits such as filter bag analysis are therefore also included in the range of services. Based on these tests, reliable statements are made about the service lives and emission behavior of the filter media.
"We are very pleased that the modern plant has been able to start production and will also create new jobs for us in the region", Denys Kuznyetsov, the managing director of BWF Envirotec Russia emphasizes. "During the construction of the new production facility, it was possible to benefit from synergies within the
BWF Envirotec group in order to fulfill the strict quality standards that prevail at BWF Envirotec for production facilities, production lines and the production process. With our high quality filter bags for industrial filtration, we will be further expanding our market share during the next few years.
New website presentation for BWF Envirotec, Russia
Alongside moving into the production facility, the new website presentation in Russian went on line. In addition to detailed company and production information, the new website offers the user clear navigation structures.
The website presentation can be accessed at
Address of the new production facility in Gatchina:
BWF Envirotec, Ltd.
188301, Leningradskaya oblast
Gatchinskiy rayon
Pudostskaya volost
Uchastok Nr. 2 vblizi Promzony-2 g. Gatchiny
Telephone +7-812-740-00-91
Fax +7-813-712-77-97
About BWF Envirotec:
BWF Envirotec is the international market leader in the field of filter media for industrial dedusting. The product portfolio ranges from needlona® brand needle felts, including the PM-Tec membrane product line and made-up filter media to Pyrotex® KE 85 ceramic filter elements and products for solid-liquid filtration. BWF Envirotec filter media find applications in the aluminum, cement and steel industry, in power plants and waste incineration plants, among others, or also in the food industry.
BWF Envirotec was the first manufacturer in the world to introduce needle felts as a filter medium in 1968. With its head office in Offingen/Bavaria and subsidiaries in China, the USA, Italy, Turkey, Russia, India, the Czech Republic and Australia in addition to a sales network in more than 50 other countries, BWF Envirotec guarantees economically viable solution concepts and services in line with the market.
BWF Envirotec is part of the BWF Group. With more than 1300 employees throughout the world, the company operates in the field of industrial dedusting, production of technical felt materials, wool felts and in plastics technology.